Sunday, February 21, 2016

PWD Friendly P2P Buses Launched

Manila, Philippines - Going around the metro is now more convenient and accessible for people with disabilities as buses for point to point service launched their new PWD friendly buses. 

P2P (Point to Point) buses picks up and drops off passengers from one point to another much like a shuttle eliminating time consuming stops to fetch passengers. 

“PWDs, senior citizens, and pregnant women will begin enjoying the convenience and comfort of this new class of city buses, which improve accessibility with low floors and foldable ramps. We are ridding our streets of dilapidated, poorly-maintained, and unsuitable buses. Eventually, this will push all PUBs to modernize,” - Sec. Jun Abaya. 

These buses showcase features such as: 

  • Low floor height
  • Hydraulic kneeling function to allow tilting towards the pavement
  • Retractable or foldable boarding and alighting ramp
  • Tap-and-go card payment system
  • Global positioning system (GPS) devices
  • On-board close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras
  • Free WiFi

The P2P Bus service is owned and operated by winning service bidder Froelich Tours. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tourism For All

We received an invitation to compete in promoting accessible tourism for people with disabilities. The Philippines really hasn't gone too much in making places accessible for all -even for fully able people- but there are places that we still can enjoy much like Intramuros' Fort Santiago.

This one minute video placed second in the competition, thanks to your undying support. Let's all make the Philippines truly accessible for everyone!

Please enjoy the Video